Pure Hemp

Main fabric we used on our products are all made by natural Hemp. Hemp is durable, can withstand tough washing and dries quickly. But most importantly, it is biodegradable. Just bury the hemp in the ground for few months, it would have degraded and become a part of the surrounding soil.

Pure Hand

EARTH.er is running our own family based fair-trade factory in Kathmandu, Nepal to produce more of this environmentally friendly material, and widely used on our bags and satchels design et al with our greatest respect to their handmade skills and prevent the traditional replaced by machine.

Be an EARTH.er

EARTH.er creates designs that are inspired by the Outdoors & Traveling, using traditional Southeast Asian craft techniques and materials that are environmentally friendly. We have traveled to many places in the world, always on the look out for sustainable production processes that utilize natural materials with which we are inspired by and incorporates into
each and every one of our designs.