All about is started in 2013 in Tai O, a historic fishing village on Hong Kong's South West coast. It was a wee, handcrafted store built by our Co-founder - Benny Yuen.

In 2021, we moved to the UK and started everything from zero. We found a weekend stall in the Barras Market in Glasgow, Scotland. At the same time, two of us try to establish our own hemp factory in Nepal. It's not easy, but it's fun :)

We found a family operated factory in a Northern Village in Kathmandu and started to cooperate with them. We travel to Nepal once a year, stay there for a month to live with them, eat with them and work with them. We teach them how to make our designs step by step to ensure they can perfectly transfer our ideas into an actual product.’s designs are inspired by travelling and backpacking. To emphasises the connection between the Heaven, Earth and People. The hemp used in our products is an expression of our love for Mother Nature.

We believed that human beings and the Earth are inextricably linked. Our aim is to help people learn, appreciate, and be grateful for everything Mother Earth has given us without harming her in return.

Our shop in Tai O, Hong Kong.

Our shop in the Barras, Glasgow.

Working in the factory in Kathmandu, Nepal.